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What a wonderful experience, after my sessions, I feel so calm, relaxed and peaceful. I bought a package of the EES (Energy Enhancement System) and look forward to regular weekly sessions. The staff is absolutely wonderful and the space holds such beautiful energy. I will definitely recommend Full Spectrum International to others.

– Maryanne S

"Everyone that works here is so nice and helpful. I am very happy that I bought a package here. That way, I can come on for a 2 hour time period in the gravity chair. We are very lucky to have this special place in our area that has the Energy Enhancement System (EES). This is my form of meditation. It’s a great way to unwind, slow down the mind, while your body is recharging. I recommend coming in to experience the energy."

– Sandy K

“Experiencing full Scalar field sessions at Full Spectrum has been surprising and rewarding. The atmosphere is joyful - purified air and scaler wave enhanced water. The staff is kind and attentive, and the clients I have met have been uplifting as well. Kindred spirits. We are there to improve our health and energy level and I have experienced a clarity and overall sense of optimism and renewed energy and balance. I will continue my sessions."

– Sharman N.

Full Spectrum International
Quantum Wellness Center


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